Snooker betting formula, rules, real money in 2022

snooker betting formula Is a sport that is open to bet on snooker in the form of snooker online via online sports betting websites, those who like to bet on sports, online snooker games, which this article will introduce to know about snooker sports, rules, snooker, fun betting, websites, how to play, fun betting snooker betting how online

What is snooker and what equipment do you use to play?

Snooker is a sport played on a felt table, also known as a billiard table, with 8 legs, 6 holes. Competitive tools, fun balls, snooker sticks and indispensable items. For fun playing, there is a Shark for polishing the club head and a cue stick as a helper for fun betting.

snooker rules

How to count points Sports Fun How to count snooker points
Snooker balls will consist of a total of 22 balls and each ball will have a different score of fun betting into the hole as follows.

White has 1 ball – no point, used for shooting to hit other colored balls into the hole. but if made into a hole will increase the score for the opponent
Red has 15 balls – 1 point each.
Yellow has 1 ball – 2 points
Green has 1 ball – 3 points
Brown has 1 ball – 4 points
Blue has 1 ball – 5 points
Pink has 1 ball – 6 points
Black has 1 ball – 7 points

What are the rules for online snooker games?

Athletes will use a fun stick. Hit the white ball only. Hit other colored balls to make them go into the holes.

Started by the person who has opened the table will have the right to get points when there is a ball of any color in the hole.
Next, shoot the red ball, if going into the hole, will shoot another color snooker ball, if down, it will come back to shoot the red ball, alternating color balls until the red ball runs out.
After shooting the red ball out of the table It will collect points from the colored balls. By having to shoot in order of the colors that have the least points first, as follows: yellow > green > brown > blue > pink > black.
When a shot does not go down the hole occurs. Then it will change into an opposing athlete to play.
The winner of each game is ufabet The person with the most total points
During a match that is not a colored black shot and a close shot, the game will be deemed to be the end of the game immediately.
A match of 1 table is called 1 frame, but how many frames will be played? depending on the designation of each competition

Online snooker format, open to play, what kind of fun?

Online snooker betting, moneyline format
It is a type of betting that predicts which snooker athlete will win. in this competition
Fun betting, handicap, odds
Handicap betting is similar to football betting in this manner at HDP 0 at the stake of 1000 baht.
Black price 0.15 If you win, you get 150 baht, if you lose, you lose 1000 baht.
Red price -0.26 if you win 1000 baht, lose 260 baht
Online snooker betting odd or even
Predict the combined scores of both athletes. The total score will come out as an odd number or an even number.
Snooker, fun betting, outright style
Outright football betting has snooker rules, which is to predict which athlete will be the champion in that event.
Snooker Betting, Mix Parlay Format
Online snooker betting is available as mix parley by betting on multiple pairs of the same bill, with a minimum of 3 pairs.

How to bet, fun, how to play
After you have read the recommended articles and rules of the snooker competition, various betting formats of the web that are open for service, the next step is the process of betting on snooker, snooker online, where you must log in before using it.

Select the Sports menu for sports betting.
Choose a sport: Snooker/Pool and the desired format
Choose the fun price that you want. Fun betting online.
Enter bet amount that you want to play, gamble, have fun
Press the BET button on the red button to confirm your bet.

Information of snooker sports including rules, snooker, fun methods from online snooker betting websites, as well as fun betting steps for you to use for real, get real money.

Table tennis is another sport in the crash area that can be played for fun and exercise as a group while at the same time being a sport that has Player Challenge must rely on cunning And the agility of the body in receiving – passing the ball, which this challenge makes table tennis popular internationally, even being included in world-class competitions.

Table Tennis History

The sport of table tennis was first started when in the year 1890 or 1890 in England as the first country in the past, the equipment used to play ping-pong was a wood covered with leather, which looks like a table tennis racket today. ball to hit It is a celluloid ball which is made of plastic, when the ball hits the table and the bat makes a “pock-bak” sound, so this sport is called by the sound that is heard as ping-pong and has begun to spread in European countries first. Playing in the early European era, it was played with BLOCKING and PUSHING, which later developed. It comes as a lean play and CROP, also known as a cut play, which this method is very popular in Europe. There are two methods of gripping the wood, which is a hand grip, called SHAKEHAND, which we call a hand grip. Normal and wooden grip, pen grip style, we call it Chinese grip.

In the year 1900 or the year 2443 began to appear. have been used ping pong bat is hard to stick Granules instead of animal skins, so how to play offensively or offensively. By using the forehand and back of the hand, starting to play more roles and still be popular with the European style of grip. so assume Europe as a whole of the true sport of ping pong

Later in the year 1922 or the year 1922 there was a company that sells sports equipment registered trademarks, for this reason, table tennis must be renamed to table tennis and in the year .1926 or 1926 had a meeting The International Table Tennis Federation was established in London. In December, along with the 1st World Table Tennis Championships, then in 1950 or 1950, it was the era in which Japan became more and more interested in table tennis and had adjusting method to play by focusing on Accurate and heavy hits and rhythm. Dance of the toes later in the year 1952 or the year 2495, Japan participated in the World Table Tennis Tournament for the first time in Bombay, India and in 1953 or In 1953, the People’s Republic of China participated in the competition for the first time. in Bucharest Romania Make table tennis become a truly world-class sport. and has developed Table tennis using rubber granules inserted with sponge in addition to the original rubber granules used around the world. UFABET

How to play table tennis or table tennis

For the correct delivery of the ball, the ball must be placed in the palm of the hand and thrown into the air at a height of not less than 16 cm.

getting the right ball when the table tennis ball Being hit over the net to hit his own territory once, must bounce to cross the net. or round the net back and then cross to fall into the opponent’s territory or other reasons that the referee considers must be served again

There are two types of competitions: Singles and Doubles.

Counting of points. If a player violates the rules, points will be lost.

The player or partner who scores 11 points first will win. Except if both players score 10 points equally, they must continue playing, where either side scores more than the other 2 points wins.

There are two types of team competitions:

SWAYTHLING CUP has 3 players at a time.

CORBILLON CUP has 2 – 4 players at a time.