Table tennis is another sport in the crash area that can be played for fun and exercise as a group while at the same time being a sport that has Player Challenge must rely on cunning And the agility of the body in receiving – passing the ball, which this challenge makes table tennis popular internationally, even being included in world-class competitions.

Table Tennis History

The sport of table tennis was first started when in the year 1890 or 1890 in England as the first country in the past, the equipment used to play ping-pong was a wood covered with leather, which looks like a table tennis racket today. ball to hit It is a celluloid ball which is made of plastic, when the ball hits the table and the bat makes a “pock-bak” sound, so this sport is called by the sound that is heard as ping-pong and has begun to spread in European countries first. Playing in the early European era, it was played with BLOCKING and PUSHING, which later developed. It comes as a lean play and CROP, also known as a cut play, which this method is very popular in Europe. There are two methods of gripping the wood, which is a hand grip, called SHAKEHAND, which we call a hand grip. Normal and wooden grip, pen grip style, we call it Chinese grip.

In the year 1900 or the year 2443 began to appear. have been used ping pong bat is hard to stick Granules instead of animal skins, so how to play offensively or offensively. By using the forehand and back of the hand, starting to play more roles and still be popular with the European style of grip. so assume Europe as a whole of the true sport of ping pong

Later in the year 1922 or the year 1922 there was a company that sells sports equipment registered trademarks, for this reason, table tennis must be renamed to table tennis and in the year .1926 or 1926 had a meeting The International Table Tennis Federation was established in London. In December, along with the 1st World Table Tennis Championships, then in 1950 or 1950, it was the era in which Japan became more and more interested in table tennis and had adjusting method to play by focusing on Accurate and heavy hits and rhythm. Dance of the toes later in the year 1952 or the year 2495, Japan participated in the World Table Tennis Tournament for the first time in Bombay, India and in 1953 or In 1953, the People’s Republic of China participated in the competition for the first time. in Bucharest Romania Make table tennis become a truly world-class sport. and has developed Table tennis using rubber granules inserted with sponge in addition to the original rubber granules used around the world. UFABET

How to play table tennis or table tennis

For the correct delivery of the ball, the ball must be placed in the palm of the hand and thrown into the air at a height of not less than 16 cm.

getting the right ball when the table tennis ball Being hit over the net to hit his own territory once, must bounce to cross the net. or round the net back and then cross to fall into the opponent’s territory or other reasons that the referee considers must be served again

There are two types of competitions: Singles and Doubles.

Counting of points. If a player violates the rules, points will be lost.

The player or partner who scores 11 points first will win. Except if both players score 10 points equally, they must continue playing, where either side scores more than the other 2 points wins.

There are two types of team competitions:

SWAYTHLING CUP has 3 players at a time.

CORBILLON CUP has 2 – 4 players at a time.

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